5 Online Business That Pays Daily to Bank Account in Nigeria

Online Business That Pay Daily

There has been recent breakout in search for online businesses in Nigeria. People have been looking for ways to make money online in Nigeria.

In this post, we will be looking 5 remote jobs that pay daily and weekly to bank account in Nigeria.

Online jobs have more advantages over offline jobs in many ways which we will be discussing in this article.

Remote jobs that pays daily in nigeria 2023

Affiliate marketing




CPA marketing

Vtu Business

Digital product

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business strategy in which an online retailer or seller of a product (physical or digital) compensate partners with a percentage of money earned from sales by its partners. In other words, you promote product X and generate a sale you will earn 50% commission.

People can really becoming millionaires with this online business, it just depends on your level of skill.

Some affiliate marketing sites pay daily, weekly and some monthly.

Start affiliate marketing with Fiverr and earn $10 per referral.

2. Blogging

This business model involves publishing written contents, infographics, photography and other types of content marketing online on a website/blog.

To make money from this business you'll need patience and be consistent. After getting a lot of traffic to your blog, you will then monetize it with adverts, affiliate marketing, selling your own products and so on.

But a domain on whogohost and get N500 discount with this link https://www.whogo.host/ref/Vtupdatez

3. Freelancing

Freelancing is a business in which you are self-employed and work for businesses and companies.

This type of business involves you doing some jobs or task for example helping a company post on social media, transcript jobs, graphic designs, and much more.

Top freelancers earn up to $3000 per task, and are really making it online. It depends on your skill graphic designer, Programmer, Marketing? And so on.

Start freelancing on Sproutgigs andFiverr

4. Vlogging

Vlogging is just like blogging but different in the sense that the content you are marketing is only video.

Examples are YouTuber, tiktoker and many more. In this model you can monetize with brand endorsement, advertisement, affiliate marketing, products sales.

Vlogging monetization strategy is same as blogging.

5. CPA marketing

CPA 'cost per action' for full.

 Unlike affiliate marketing, CPA marketing does not pay percentage of sales amount but a fixed commission per referral.

In CPA marketing, things you gonna be promoting are for leads E.g. submit email, zip code, free trial and lot more. The payout for this online business is between $0.1-$100 per lead.

Some CPA platforms pay daily, weekly and monthly. Start CPA marketing on Mylead

6. Vtu Business

This business is an underrated business that could earn you some money daily.

VTU, virtual Top-Up in full, is just a system of making money by buying bundles and airtime at cheap price and reselling at higher rate to final customers.

This business pays into your Nigerian bank account daily!

Learn more about VTU business

7. Digital products

This involves selling digital products and recruiting affiliate marketers or selling them yourself.

Digital products prices range from $0.99 to $50 and even higher. So with that you can earn thousands daily and pay directly to your Nigerian bank account.

If you recruit affiliates you can even run this business on autopilot!

Advantage of online business and side hustles

1. Low or no large capital for startup.

2. Work from home and anywhere.

3. Chance of Scalability.

4. Low marketing costs.

5. Large customers and clients.

6. Plenty payment methods.

7. Easy management.

8. Stress-free.

9. Customer data insight.

10. Convenience and efficient.


Online business is a must-do job for Nigerian youths and adults to start making money on the side. It's profitable and can earn you cool cash steadily without having to go through a lot of stress.

Try any online business of your choice that is listed above and get paid daily to your Nigerian bank account.

Drop your comment if you have any questions and opinions.

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