How to start VTU business in Nigeria (make ₦‎100k per month)

Are you ready to earn some extra income with little capatal, here in Nigeria? Then you are at the right place!

Vtu business

VTU, virtual Top-Up in full, is just a system of making money by buying bundles and airtime at cheap price and reselling at higher rate to final customers. You can source buyers(customers) from various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, nairaland, just to mention a few.

What is this business all about?

VTU, it full meaning is virtual Top-Up. This is also known by many as recharge and get paid. One of the reasons I love this side hustle is that the capital to start VTU business is very low and it can be done by all kind of people from students to adult with full-time jobs.

How does the business work? You'll buy bundles and airtime at cheap rate and sell for final customers at a higher price, thereby talking advantage of the difference as profit.
For example, you bought 1GB for N225 and sell to friends/customer at the rate of N500. In this case your profit per GB is N275!

Benefits of starting this business in Nigeria?

There are a lot of reasons you should start VTU business in Nigeria, let me share little with you.

1. Low capital

This business is perfect for individuals and businesses to start with as low as N10k and lower.

After months of starting the business, it can become lucrative and flowing in cash steadily and easily.

2. Easy funding of wallet

Most VTU platforms provide free online bank account to fund your wallet.

This make the funding process more easier, affordable, convenient and secure.

3. Convenience and flexibility

In VTU business, you are your boss and can run your business anytime and anywhere.

 The business is a work at home business giving you flexibility and you don't even need a physical shop.

What's Needed to start VTU business

1. Internet-enabled smart phone or PC
2. Capital (N10k recommended or less)
3. Social media accounts (for sourcing customers)
4. WhatsApp messenger or active phone number
5. A cheap VTU platform

Top 5 cheapest VTU platforms in Nigeria

This are the top 5 cheapest VTU platforms in Nigeria;
1. Dataway
3. Vtuking
4. Dancitysub
5. Jayglobe

1. Dataway

On dataway you will get 1GB data bundle as low as N240!
You can make up to 50k selling data and referring people to the website.

 It pay 1k and 1GB referral income to affiliates and the referred person also get 1GB data as a welcome bonus.
With that you can be able to earn 50k upward on this platform every month!


Buy/resell cheap data & airtime, electricity bills payment, cable TV subscription, convert airtime to cash on

One benefit of using platform is that you get 2 virtual account to use when funding your and you can also fund your account with your card also.

How does it work

 • Register or login in one of the VTU platform of your choice
• Make a deposit to your wallet
• Find customers or friends who need VTU service
• Do the service needed for him/her
• Get paid and take profit
• Keep repeating again and again!
As simple as that.


With VTU business you can become your own boss with just N10k and start making money on the side.
And you can start this side hustle even if you have a full or part-time job with you in Nigeria. 

Now that you have an understanding of the VTU business, you should make efforts to start even with N1k.
If you have any questions regarding this post please drop a comment. I hope this post is helpful.

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