Top 5 Cheapest vtu platforms in Nigeria


Starting a profitable vtu business can be a lot more easier when you choose the right vtu platform to buy your airtime and data bundles at very cheap rate to yield more profits.

VTU business is one of the most cheapest business or side hustle to start with 10k or less. Don't want VTU as a business or side hustle? don't worry we got you covered! Start using this VTU platforms for self-recharges.

Today, I will be giving top 5 cheapest VTU platforms and their registration links.

Let's go!

1. Dataway


3. Vtuking

4. dancitysub

5. Jayglobe

1. Dataway 

On dataway you will get 1GB data bundle as low as N240!
Dataway app

You can make up to 50k selling data and referring people to the website. It pay 1k and 1GB referral income to affiliates and the referred person also get 1GB data as a welcome bonus.
With that you can be able to earn 50k upward on this platform.


Buy/resell cheap data & airtime, electricity bills payment, cable TV subscription, convert airtime to cash on!
One benefit of using platform is that you get 2 virtual account to use when funding your and you can also fund your account with your card also.

3. Vtuking is also a vtu website that sell cheap bundles and airtime at less rate.
You can get 1GB data for N255 as a reseller on this platform!
You can also make money with their affiliate program and increase your earnings on the app.
Get up to 5% discount instantly when you purchase airtime, Convert your excess Airtime and get paid within 5 mins and lot more.

4. Dancitysub

On this platform 1GB bundle can be gotten at N225 rate and more cheap rate!

You can also convert airtime to cash on the website and buy airtime at cheaper price and lot more.

5. Jayglobe

On Jayglobe you can get several VTU service at cheaper price and resell at higher price to make profit.
Jayglobe website

The website offer data bundles at a very cheap rate and it also offer VTU service like airtime-to-cash, electric bill payment, exam pin and much more.


VTU business can be lucrative when one put more hardwork and patience in the business.
This side hustle/ business can be started with 10k or less and step by step the 10k can turn hundreds of thousands when consistent in it.
You may also increase your earnings on this platforms by participating in their affiliate programs and all people can do this business both youth and adult.
I hope this post be helpful to you, drop your opinion in the comment section below.


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