How to promote your vtu business on Facebook (for beginners)


How to promote your business on Facebook

Have you ever think of making money on Facebook? Most of us spend most of our data on Facebook and still not getting paid. Why not learn how to make money online with your Facebook accounts.

Can I really make money with my Facebook account? You'll bet. Make money from it, is by consistently putting your products in front of people who need them to solve a problem or satisfy a desire!

In this online Facebook earnings, your products will be VTU service.

What are the things required to start earning from Facebook

To make money online on facebook you will need the following;

1. Vtu websites or app

2. Facebook account and page

3. Facebook groups

4. Capital

5. Messaging apps

1. Vtu websites or app

The first thing we will be needing is a cheap VTU platform.

Like, datawayapp, Vtuking and others.

2. Facebook account and page

The next step is to create an account on Facebook and then create a page.

This will be use to find customers on Facebook. It allows you to keep your audience updated with your latest content. 

3. Facebook groups

Facebook groups are very great assets when it comes to find a very targeted audience.

Join Facebook groups related to stuff like free data, cheap data bundles, free Airtime and data and so on.

4. Capital

This is just the money you're using to start the business. Although I will recommend 10k but you can use even 1k to start, it depends on the amount of money you got.

5. Messaging apps

You'll need WhatsApp and Facebook messenger to communicate with customers that want to patronize you.

That's all you will be using to promote your vtu business and earn money online with facebook.

How to promote your vtu business

1. Group posts

Post on the groups related to VTU business stating the data bundles and airtime you are wanna sell.
Facebook groups can be a way to get targeted audience for your business.

2. Post on your Facebook page

Growing your page, getting more views is not really easy. You have to put more hardwork. It allows you to keep your audience updated with your latest content. 

3. Post adverts on Facebook (optional)

Running adverts is another way in promoting vtu business on Facebook. The benefits of running ads is that no need to stress yourself. Facebook will do the job for you.

4. Post comments

Search Facebook 'cheap data bundles' and the post you'll see, you are going to reply people who comment on them.
Or you just message them directly and let them know what you're selling.

Benefits of using Facebook to promote your vtu business

1. Large audience
2. Psychographic Targeting
3. Measurable Performance
4. Competitor Targeting
5. Cost effective for exposure
6. Better communication
7. Remarketing
And lot more...


The benefits of using Facebook for promotion of your vtu business is much including large reach and targeted audience.
So Facebook is one of the marketing app to promote your vtu business to make more money and gain exposure.
I hope this post is helpful!

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